Coffee Prep and Coffee Systems for 40 - 60 People


 Give your business that professional touch with a new coffee setup.

Looking to Increase Productivity, Moral and Communication? Ask us How!

Having a coffee machine with great coffee beans in your office not only increases productivity it gives you that chance to get on a personal level with your clients creating a lasting memory of them in your office.  

When it comes to business meetings and appointments there is not a better way to make important times special. There are many options and packages for your office however, here at QCMS we design them to assure you have no stress and no worry with your coffee equipment. 

Popular Solutions for companies with 40, 50 or even 60 staff are usually fully automated machines however some do love the traditional espresso setup. We can cater! In medium to large office's we often see a mixture of automated and traditional coffee equipment, This can increase staff interaction and moral. Our unique barista sessions are designed to bring a happy fun vibe to your coffee prep area, this also allows your staff to communicate and collaborate with eachother and your valued clients. 

Pop into our Commercial Barista center for a tase test and let us show you real office coffee! Get Directions

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