Traditional Espresso Machines

If you are a self proclaimed barista or you would like to learn the art of espresso coffee, the traditional coffee machine will be your best starting option. Traditional espresso machines give the user control over the entire brewing/ extraction process and fine control over pitching the milk to a silky smooth microform.

Traditional Espresso MachineThe quality of a traditional espresso machine is alike that of a full commercial espresso machine you would find in your local cafe. These machines   give you great control over the process giving you the much-wanted ability to adjust the coffee’s taste to your liking.

All of our traditional espresso machines are hand made in Italy and come with a 2 year Australia wide warranty. Traditional Espresso Machines usually require some practice to become familiar with the machine and best extracting processes however once you have mastered the art of espresso you will never go back.

If you’re still after some more information, feel free to visit one of our stores and our staff will be happy to share their knowledge or simply click chat and    our highly trained online team will assist you. 

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    La Nuova Era Cubica

    The La Nuova Era Cubica is the Prodigy of home and office coffee machines.

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    La Nuova Era Cuadra Red  Traditional Espresso Machine

    The Cuadra Traditional Espresso Machine offers true Italian quality and style, be your own Barista

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    Special Price: A$2,400