Dip Coffee Roasters by Roberto Zanetti from the Queensland coffee group

Designed in Bolognese, Italy. DiP Coffee Roasters are designed to produce the best functionality and fully customisable coffee roast with all roasters.

If you have the place and need for coffee equipment and coffee roasting equipment chances are DiP can cater. DiP Roasters work with the largest coffee companies to provide the best coffee solution for your business or home.

Using Only electricty to perfectly roast your coffee beans the DiP range is a cost effective way to roast your coffee whilst producing the high standards your looking for.

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  1. DiP TE3000 Manual Commercial Coffee Roaster

    The TE3000 roaster is ideal for medium-large roasters. Incorporating a system running on only

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    DiP TE1000 Small Commercial Coffee Roaster Manual

    The electrically-operated coffee roaster model TE1000 has been designed to roast the qualities of

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  2. DiP DK30 Commercial Deli Coffee Grinder

    The DiP DK30 Deli grinder is the ideal medium produce item for shop owners,

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  3. DiP DK40 Commercial Deli Coffee Grinder

    The ideal solution for coffee shops owners, a reliable solution for anyone. DK-40 grants

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