Commercial Coffee Machine Experience At Queensland Coffee Machine Sales and Services


Starting off the coffee industry in the eairly 1980's QCMS has been the brick and hammer when it comes to knowing and supporting all cafe's in australias fast expanding coffee machine industry.

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About Queensland Coffee Machine Sales and Services!

At Queensland coffee machine sales and services we have established ourselves as market leaders in coffee machine sales and service, providing the highest quality of after sales, service and support.

An important part of our guaranteed service and maintenance is that we offer to keep your equipment at peak performance levels. Over 1000 restaurants, hotels and cafes throughout Australia and now the asia pacific who currently rely on using our services your faith in qcms cannot be wrong. Our highly qualified technicians all carry full Electrical Licenses with over 10 years experience in the coffee machine industry. Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week absolutely anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Asia Pacific  to provide on the spot professional advice and assistance. For 25 years we have provided our customers with the highest quality coffees and state-of-the-art brewing equipment. We will beat anyone on quality and price*. We are a family owned, private business that currently services.

- Coffee Houses

- Restaurants, Cafes and Delicatessens

- Medical and Legal Offices

- Vending Machines

- Domestic Machines

- Corporate Office

- Private and Commercial Vessels

- Government Offices

We also offer corporate cafe setups! We can custom tailor a coffee machine kit networked throughout all your offices. Weather you have 3 employees or 3000 employees we can custom program each machine and site you be simply managed by our on demand service team fully dedicated to ensuring your staff and you are energetic and enjoyuing great coffee and ready to work everyday...