• How will i know if my coffee machine needs a service?
    • Depending on the type of coffee machine you are using. Each machine will display different symptoms. 
    • Some fully automatic coffee machines have the capability of notifying the user when the machine is due for a service however for the automatic coffee machines that do not have this capability we reccemend you should follow the manufacturers reccomenations. 
    • Manual Espresso coffee machines need not as much attantion as the fully automated machines however in saying that i would not let it draw attantion away from how important servicing your coffee machine is. We most manual espresso machine's group seals will probabaly be the first sign upon needing a service however we do not reccomend leaving it this long. We reccomend for domestic espresso mahchines in a home enviroment you should service the machine every 12 months. For commercial machines in cafe's and offices we reccomend every 6-8 months depending on usage and water quality.
  • How often should I de-scale my machine?
    • Water quality in australia is not the best and one of the most popullar issues with all coffee machines are caused by calcium and water minerals. A coffee machines boiler is constantly full of water, going hot then cold, over time calcium will build you the point it cannot be removed without damaging major components of the coffee machine, If calcium is ledt too long it can grow and become like concrete. We recommend that you de-scale your machine every 6 to 8 weeks. The more ofiten you descale the machine the longer it ill last.    
                   scaled coffee machine boiler             scaled coffee boilerscaled coffee boiler
  • How often should I have my machine serviced?
    • We recommend that you have your domestic espresso machine serviced by a qualified technician every 12 months.  Commercial machines should be serviced by a qualified technician every 6 months
    • If you are using a automatic cappuccino machine in a home enviroment we reccomend you service your coffee machine every 10-12 Months..

Yes, Cleaning your coffee machine is important. To begin lets put it this way, when you cook dinner on a pan do you clean it afterwards? Confronting but extremely relevant!

Coffee beans once roasted and beginning the ageing process release all their aromas and oils. When you prepare coffee weather it be on a commercial espresso machine or on a one touch bean to cup machine all those oils, aromas and the rest leave behind some pretty crazy things that yes can lead to major malfunctions and sanitary problems…

Our technical foreman recommends you should at minimum descale your coffee machine at least once every 8 weeks regardless of if the machine asks for it or not. Being proactive rather than reactive with your maintenance will indefinitely give you a much longer lasting coffee machine and simply a better tasting coffee. 

Over the last 36 years QCMS has been servicing Australia’s coffee machine industry and we have seen it all. When coffee machines are ill maintained the list of problems that could and will occur are endless. Not just affecting your internal piping’s but the entire product. From creepy crawlies to slithering slugs, coffee with its sweet aroma and the heat evaporating from your coffee machine will attract some things that will shock you.

We recommend you follow these steps.

  • Rinse your coffee brewer or diffuser at least once a week
  • Backwash your espresso group at least once a week (industry use recommends once a day)
  • After making the morning rush of coffee at home try preparing a pre-ground coffee without actually putting coffee into the machine. This will clean out your brewer and pipes of any left over coffee or sediment.
  • Use milk sanity solution after each round of coffee.
  • Descale your coffee machine every 6 – 8 weeks (depending on local water hardness)
  • Change your water filter once if has reached its usage limit
  • Wipe down the exterior of your coffee machine at least once a week and check for coffee drips here and there. (Critters love these)
  • For commercial coffee grinders (not automatic coffee machines) use Grinder Clean to remove all coffee oils. Remembering to grind and discard the next 50 grams of coffee. We recommend this once a month for home use and once a week for commercial use.
  • Service your coffee machine & grinder once a year for home use and every 3 – 6 months in commercial use.