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QCMS was originally founded in the early 1980's by a coffee connoisseur. At the time a electrical contracting company, the brand was introduced to coffee. Back then in australia we primarily had filter or plunger coffeeDuring an industry event the company found coffee. Proceeding to completely restructure to a new found business & brand working on many of todays hose-hold brands. Beginning with Saeco. 


Saeco coffee machines grew in the Australian market and globally. Working alongside the Aussie industry and pioneering the service industry as we now see it we have one of the largest combined experience and knowledge bases

Our First Service Centre many believe was in Milton however a small team originally operated in a store within fortitude valley. 

Fast forward to today QCMS is ever growing, now is one of the most experienced coffee companies providing Australia with everything from bean-to-cup to traditional equipment.

 Few Coffee  Companies Can Boast  as much Experience  than QCMS 

 Bean Scene Magazine 

QCMS History - 2009 at Caxton St Petrie


In Early 2009 QCMS founded La Nuova Era AU and introduced the GA equipment to the Australian market.

Alongside Gruppo Argentini & La Nuova Era the two mostly collaborated & merged into one brand. QCMS is the sole provider of the espresso equipment. 

We now provide espresso equipment ranging from residential too commercial to the Australian market. 

2009, Caxton St, Petrie Terrace

Queensland Coffee Machines History - Mil

"Little Coffee Place"

QCMS Milton aka - "The little coffee place", provided the region with equipment, maintenance  & parts for over 10 years. Working with a small team the store had a strong knowledge of the local area and requirements. Beginning with service and then equipment the company grew in multiple sectors and today it has outgrown the "Little Coffee Place".

Today, the iconic "little coffee place" on Caxton St has grown and recently moved the residential operations to Newmarket Road Windsor. 

2013, Caxton St, Petrie Terrace

QCMS Logo top bleed_RED.jpg

The New Look QCMS

In mid 2018 QCMS released our new corporate collection and branding. Re-branding is always complex, our goal was to pay true to our history and provide our customers with a new fresh take. 

Our new look also made way for a new team players, our service team has grown and our company's mission remains. 

Every Cup Counts & it will always count.

Today QCMS provides brewing, espresso & automated equipment & training for all aspects of the industry.  We work within many aspects of coffee, alongside our fellow coffee teams. With our new design and knowledge we now provide a fresh take on coffee in Licensed areas, Corporate business & Home.

Combining our understanding and knowledge we are stronger than ever, Our fantastic coffee team is always available. 

By Integrating the proprietary service platform designed by the company the speed and quality of work provided by QCMS has grown and we are collaborating everyday to provide better coffee to australia, furthermore highlighting the companies tagline of "Every Cup Counts'.

Without our customer and team we could not have reached 30+ years in coffee. 


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