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Guides & Equipment Support

Having issues with your coffee equipment? Sometimes a descale or clean fix a problem.

Our online guides cover many questions you might have when purchasing, servicing & choosing the right type of cleaning tools or consumables.
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  • How to Brew Great Coffee With The DELTER Coffee System
    Your DELTER coffee brewer uses some simple yet high tech components all in the effort to brew fresh, consistent and tasty coffee. Follow along with the video or guide below. First, Always use fresh coffee Grind 12 grams of fresh coffee beans to a medium too fine coarseness. Ideally finer then french press yet coarser then espresso. Place the filter and brewer lid onto the cup. Rinse the filter with water then dispose of the rinsed water. Gently Insert the plunger into the brew chamber. Ensure it is completely in the bottom position. Add your coffee to the coffee chamber. Do not place the coffee into the cap as it will not screw on correctly and seal. Screw the cap on until it is firmly tightened, you may feel a stop which means it is correctly sealed. Flip the delter over and place it over your cup. Remove the Rubber Plunger Lid Using your kettle Screw the cap on until it is firmly tightened, (we reccomend water be apx 95* celcious) begin brewing by pouring the hot water into the chamber. Fill to the 200ml Line. Firmly holding the brewer place the rubber cap back onto the chamber, Ensuring it is correctly placed so water can not leak. Raise the plunger gently until l the water reaches the 50ml indicator. Gently press down on the chamber to begin the brew. (A gentle press improoves the results) Once the first infusion is complete, raise the plunger up to the 100ml indicator and repeat 14. Finally, Raise the plunger again up to the 100ml line and compete the brewing process by gently pressing the coffee & air through the filter. Enjoy Great Coffee With the DELTER Brewer. For more information or demos visit us in-store or phone 1300 650 091.
  • Service & Repair Requirments | What To Bring For Your Service or Repair
    Our team aims to bring your coffee equipment up to the best standard during your repair or service. For us to ensure all the functions of your coffee equipment are operating at the ideal parameters we require the main accessories or devices that your equipment needs to make coffee. For Automatic Coffee Machines This Includes: Plug In Milk Jugs Power Cords Water Waste Drip Trays & Coffee Waste Trays Brewing Units / Diffuser Unit Built In Water Reservoir / Tank All Lids / Doors Which are required to make coffee For Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines This Includes: Porter Filter & Handles Water Waste / Drip Tray Power Cords Built In Water Reservoir / Tank All Lids / Doors Which are required to make coffee For Coffee Grinders This Includes Coffee Bean Hopper Coffee Doser Power Cord For other appliances, we require all the core devices such as power cords that are needed for your appliance to function at the intended parameters. If you have any questions about what to bring for your coffee machine or appliance service, our team is ready & on hand to help. Contact Us Here or Phone Our Team On 1300 650 091
  • How Often Should I Service My Equipment
    Service periods really drill down to your useage. We work on a "litres used" theory. If you produce aproximatlry 1-4 cups of coffee per day we reccomend a yearly service however, this also varies based on the manufacturer and model. Primaraliy we like to avoid break downs, Servicing your machine each 12 months at minium is a grerat general guide. In High output areas and cafe's the literage and KG/Per week are the primary points in deciding the service frequency. Verry simmilar to the tyres on a car, the more you make and use the more frequent maintainence should be undertaken by a qualified QCMS tech. Cafe's & Offices where coffee is primary our reccomendation is for a Preventitive Maintainenence Schedule. For a little more help or to book a service contact our team on 1300 650 091.
  • How Long Does a Service or Repair Take
    For residential equipment this generally takes between 10-13 days. A long time without coffee so we reccomend you plan ahead with our team. We can remind you when youre due for a service... Just Ask. Commercial operations are either sheduled or ad-hoc, Responce times are provided within our relationship and arrangment. For more info contact our service team on 1300 650 091
  • What Does a General Service Include
    What does a Service Include At QCMS we are all about quality. Each General Service primarily depends on a few core questions. The Make & Model Of the Equipment The Age Of the Equipment Amount of Usage Every manufacturer has slightly different preventative maintenance schedules & different beverage preparation procedures. Our technical team begins with a general assessment of the health of the equipment & which if any sectors are not functioning to the optimum standard. This is where for residential equipment our initial service deposit comes in. The assessment can take between 1 & 3 hours depending on the equipment, however the assessment fee is a flat rate. During this process we also assess the age of the equipment by either water (L) output or cup counts. Some machines don’t have this option so were able to get a great reference from either the serial number or the service information submitted on drop off. Once our coffee machine technicians have ideal knowledge of the equipments current status we can begin assessing what needs to be done. Our technicians begin checking the equipment from top to bottom. We assess all seals and water systems & replace any faulty or worn out parts. We then move on to the equipments electronic control boards & furthermore the coffee brewing system & any internal grinders or tamping systems. Each Machine is different, Espresso Machines & Bean to Cup Automatic Coffee Machines operate on completely independent coffee platforms so we assess every repair and service by running tests on each individual coffee, water & grinding sectors. Our General Service provides almost an entire run through & service of the equipment. A repair & Service for QCMS technicians (although sometimes a service can fix many issues) are primarily different products. Our Repair Product focusses on the faulty or inoperative portion of the equipment. Our general service product is similar to your car, certain seals & parts are needed to be rebuilt or replaced at the given age or coffee count. At times our technicians will recommend a service during a repair which can either fix the faulty or even leaking parts or that during the repair we have found traces of external elements such as Calcium & continuing with a repair only can “Dislodge” the traces of minerals and cause another issue further into the equipment. Calcium is one element that causes a lot of havoc with coffee equipment however if we remove all minerals and filter water too much it can change the taste of coffee. A lot of flavour and crema in your coffee is provided by these minerals. If you have any questions about your repair or service, feel free to email or phone us on 1300 650 091. You can book your service in online here. Booking online provides a faster repair & inserts your equipment into the service queue at the time of booking.
  • Which Coffee Machines Can QCMS Repair & Service
    At QCMS our core focus is quality. Our technicians train for extensive periods before working on customers equipment. We don't work on a brand elimination process. Our technical team is trained to understand platforms including software and firmware. For Traditional Espresso Machines - We can service and repair all brands & makes however, some repairs and services may not be available due to the manufacturers not supplying parts or service support for that piece of equipment. When this happens we consider the asset "Vintage". Fear not, Instead of using genuine parts where they are not available we can source high quality replacements parts by other manufacturers. Seals & Shower services will always be possible due to our smart use of industry adaptions & parts allowing us to always provide the right size seal with or without a spacer. For Automatic - Bean to Cup Coffee Machines, we repair & service many major brands. QCMS is Brisbane's Warranty Support & Repair agent for brands which derive from the Delonghi Group & Breville Group. Our ongoing support to the industry has allowed us to learn and continue our services. We can service almost any automatic coffee machine however similarly to espresso equipment some manufacturers stop providing parts for equipment considered "Vintage". If this occurs we almost all the time can provide an alternate high quality replacement part just not a OEM item. When you service or repair your equipment with QCMS we bring back that "New Coffee Machine Feeling". Our coffee machine technicians provide complete internal and cosmetic detailing. Then, once it’s ready for you to take home, We provide you with a sample coffee bean pack. We recommend booking online as this places you in the queue for a faster return time. Booking Online is Easy - Book A Coffee Machine Service Or Repair Here You can also just pop inrto our newmarket service centre without a booking. During your service or repair you can keep up to date with the progress by using our easy online service tracker here. All you need if your reference number. Phone us on 1300 650 091 today.
  • How Long Does it Take To Service or Repair A Coffee Machine (DOMESTIC)
    A Domestic Repair & Service for QCMS is a in depth program. Our technician's prefer high quality work however this doesn't mean we're not fast. The best way to have your machine serviced or repaired and back home is to book online here. This places you within the service queue prior to receiving your machine. This can save between 3-5 Days depending on your drop off time. Depending on the time of year a service, repair & return times range from 9 to 12 Days. It is possible during a repair or service that our technicians could come across an item which is not a frequently replaced part and this could delay service times however, if this is to occur our team will notify you as soon as it's found. With General Services, these are usually the fastest services provided, When a Coffee Machine is maintained well we can place your machine on a Preventative Maintenance Schedule which allows our technicians and parts department to be prepared prior to receiving your equipment in store. Warranty Repairs are Mostly Dependant on the Manufacturer's Lead time & Duration of parts & software received by our team. All Repairs & Services Are Dependant On Part Availability From QCMS Suppliers Including Warranty Repairs & Equipment Replacements. COMMERCIAL SERVICES & REPAIRS ARE AN INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENT & SUPPORT TIMES DO NOT FALL UNDER THIS GENERALISATION. SUPPORT FOR COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT OR ASSETS ARE PROVIDED WITHIN AGREED TERMS OR CONTRACT TERMS.
  • Warranty Repairs & Support
    QCMS is an Official Warranty Service & Support Partner For Many Brands & Models. This means, we can repair any faults which may arise whilst your coffee machine or coffee grinder is under the manufacturer warranty period. Our Qualified Coffee Machine Technicians can also service your coffee equipment within the manufacturer's guidelines & keep your warranty valid. You should always be aware that some manufacturers could void or change your warranty terms if the equipment is not maintained within their guidelines or by an unauthorised technicians. Warranty repairs are generally quite fast. Our process is simple and easy. You can Book Online Here or simply stop by our Windsor service centre. We can Repair & Service almost every make of coffee machine.
  • Cleaning Your Coffee Machine
    Keeping your coffee machine clean is vital. Producing high-quality beverages requires a symphony of electrical components, high pressure & hot water. In blocked or dirty environments, the beverage will not be at the high quality & in some cases not function at all. With technology, computer assistance helps us keep to the cleaning processes, but we should always keep in mind that coffee is for consumption. Like cooking, Always Start Clean & Finnish Clean. General Environment Keeping the area around your coffee equipment clean from excess coffee & water is the best deterrent to intruders (yes, critters love coffee) Brewing Components - Brew Unit or Diffuser The diffuser in your coffee machine is where the magic happens. Coffee is processed through the unit, so its always good to clean it after use. Coffee machines these days complete their own rinse on shut down, but we recommend taking the unit out once a week at minimum & soaking it in lukewarm water with soap or espresso clean solution. Waste Trays Your waste tray is there to collect the excess coffee & water once all the magic has been extracted. After you are finished with your machine, always empty & wash the waste trays, coffee will age & like food the ageing process isn't ideal for our kitchens. Taking into account general cleanliness, always follow the manufacturer process for tablet cleaning & rinse procedures.
  • Steam Wand Has a Clunky White Tip
    The steam arm in every coffee machine is in contact with milk frequently. Milk, when set can look and feel like concrete. The white tip is on the steam arm is stale milk. This is caused by excess milk left on the arm after pitching/ frothing your milk. The best way to avoid it is to wipe it down & flush the arm after use thoroughly. If the milk is hardly set and wiping it down doesn't remove it. It would be best if you softened it. You can soften it by filling a cup with water & soaking the tip for 30 minutes. If that doesn't work, try soaking with Milk Steaming Solution.
  • Breville Precision Brewer Faults & Error Support
    Your Precision Brewer is a smart little piece of kit. As much as we all love our coffee equipment, sometimes computer controllers and CPU boards can get a little confused. Generally this can happen when there is a surge in electricity output or possibly a external factor however, most errors can be fixed by simply restarting the equipment ensuring you follow correct restart procedures. If you see one of these errors on your display - Err1, Err2, Err4, Err5 you could have a possible internal error. Following the guide in your handbook, shutdown the brewer, wait about 5 minutes and then restart. If this fails to fix the error or you hare seeing it pop back frequently contact our support team on 1300 650 091 or book a service online here.
  • Saeco Coffee Machine Error Code Support
    If your Saeco Espresso Machine encounters an error, a red display will appear with an icon & a code number, such as E01, E03, E04, E05, E11, E14 or E19. Most error codes will simply go away once all doors, tanks and bins are inserted correctly & a restart has been made. If you Continue to have persistent errors or an error wont go away, it might be time for a service, Book online here or contact our support team on 1300 650 091
  • Saeco Coffee Machine E01 Grinder Error
    Sometimes your Saeco coffee equipment can accidentally grind a bit too much coffee or too much coffee has been inserted into the pre-grounds chute. You can fix this by cleaning out the coffee chute. The recommended procees is to softly remove the excess grinds with a vaccume however, do not use a vaccume on high power as this can damage your equipment. Step By Step Guide - Switch the coffee equipment OFF and wait until it is completely off and no longer makes any noises (this takes about 20 seconds). Remove the brew unit/ group Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee funnel and place the spoon handle into the funnel. Note: If there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down. Remove all fallen ground coffee with a vacuum cleaner Then put the vacuum cleaner on the outlet of the coffee funnel and cover the pre-ground coffee funnel with your hand. Or vice versa, put the vacuum cleaner on the top and cover the bottom. Reinsert the brew group, switch the machine back ON and brew an espresso. After brewing, check if the funnel is still free from ground coffee. If this has not fixxed the error, contact our service & support team on 1300 650 091 or book your service online here.
  • Saeco Coffee Machine Error Code E03 - Brew group dirty
    The E03 error is shown when the espresso brewing group/ unit is either dirty or blocked. Meaning water is unable to pass through the brewing unit. Generally we recommend removing & cleaning your brewing unit once a week however this depends on the coffee consumption. A great general rule is for every 20 coffee's remove the unit and soak it in slightly warm soapy water. We do not recommend using any cleaning chemicals other than recommended solutions as this can damage your equipment. Step By Step Guide on Removing & Cleaning Your Saeco Coffee Machine Brewing Unit. - Switch OFF the coffee machine and wait until it is completely off & the rinse cycle is complete. Open the service door and remove the brew group/ unit by pressing the “PUSH” button to the right-hand side, gently holding it and pulling straight out. Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it air-dry before placing it back. Restart the coffee machine & once the rinse cycle is complete make 2 espresso coffee's. Don't drink the first 2 as they may contain excess soapy water. If the coffee's are successfully made and there is no further errors the brew unit is clean and ready to go. If this does not fix your error or persistent error codes show contact our support team on 1300 650 091 or book your service online here.
  • Priming Your Water System - Traditional Espresso
    Most water related issues can be resolved by prming the water circut. Proceedures may vary for different makes and models so it's always reccomended to consult your user manual prior. Begin, with your Equipment Switched off Completely. (preferably in the off state for 3 minutes to allow on board computer's to reset if present) 1. Open The Steam Wands 2. Switch Equipment on to Water Only (on your main switch it will be marked as "1") 3. Your Equipment May Self Prime By Switching The Pump On 4. Once The Pump has Stopped (or after a few secconds) Push the Free Flow Button to Draw Water Through the Espresso Groups. Draw about 3 Secconds Per Group 5. Switch The Machine To Heat (number 2 on the main switch) 6. Once there is noticable steam or water spitting from the Steam wand/s you may close the taps. After waiting for the full heating period you should have a ready to go espresso machine. If you are unable to notice the steam building or the temprature rising contact our support team on 1300 650 091.
  • Priming Your Water System - Bean-To-Cup
    Most water related issues can be resolved by priming the water circuit. Procedures may vary for different makes and models so it's always recommended to consult your user manual prior. Begin, with your Equipment Switched off Completely. (preferably in the off state for 3 minutes to allow on board computer's to reset if present) 1. Ensure Your Water Tank is Full or Mains Water is Open 2. Switch your Equipment On & Allow it to Self Prime & Rinse - 3. If you receive a "ventilate" error at this stage, double check your water is full and correctly inserted. Then open and close your water tap (hot water knob) for 2 seconds a time repeating at mac 3 times. 4. After the rinse program has completed allow the machine to warm up 5. Press the espresso button and allow the machine to complete the whole program for espresso. 6. If you're coffee is poured with no errors your water circuit is primed and ready. If you are unable to make a coffee, have no water flow and a persistent "Ventilate" error, contact our support team on 1300 650 091 or book a service online here
  • What Coffee Machine Is Best for Me
    This is a question that could be answered in many ways, Like the terrior of wine coffee can be enjoyed in many ways. The first question you should ask is, What do i drink when i stop by a cafe? Answering that usually provides the narrow down of category. After that it comes down to budget, speed & useage. In general always follow these steps; 1. What Coffee Do I Drink? 2. How Much Coffee Do I Drink? 3. Do I Want a Fast One-Touch or A Traditional & Manual Workflow The difference between automated bean-to-cup and traditional equipment is vast, A one touch machine provides fast easy coffee where the traditional espresso range brings you closer to the process and invloves you within the extraction, coffee grinding & milk pitching stages. If you have never used a traditional espresso machine don't stress. Our Team provides one on one training with all new equipment sales. You will know coffee like never before once you switch your machine on at home.
  • How to Adjust Grind Settings & Get the Best Tasting Coffee From your Coffee Machine.
    Always consult your user manual before attempting to modify equipment preferences. QCMS guides are a general guide and do not provide exact proceedures for certain makes and models. By following the QCMS PUK rule you can always have the best coffee machine grinder preferences. If your coffee machine is a bean to cup or has an internal coffee bean grinder you can change the coarseness or fineness of the coffee grinds. Modifying the grind settings can change the Coffee output & flow. A great way to know if the coffee is grinding at the optimum coarseness is by assessing the coffee dumbs or coffee PUK. Each machine make or model will have a different procedure to changing the grinder settings so always consult your user manual. Some machines have a grind setting within the coffee bean hopper and some have a controller inside the service door (brew unit door). Generally most makes and models use a range of 1 to 10. 1 being the finest coffee grind possible and 10 being the coarsest grind possible. A ideal way to check the best grind is by looking at your PUK. The puk will show symptoms of how well the coffee was extracted. Ideally you want your puk to be a “Clean Shape & Mostly Dry”. There will be signs that water has passed through the puk however if the puk is clearly a clean shape and a solid biscuit the grind settings are great. It is not ideal for us to give you the best grind setting because coffee beans depending on origin, roast and age can be harder or softer. If you find your PUK to be soggy or very watery you want to look at choosing a finer grind settings or increase the coffee Grind amount which you can learn to do in this support section by searching “Coffee Grind Amount or by consulting your user manual. Below is a guide of how the coffee dump should ideally look. In the above left image (1) you can see evidence of water pooling on the top of the puk during extraction. When there is evidence of your coffee waste or puk being soggy it is a sign you need to assess the grind and possibly choose a finer setting. This can also point to the coffee grind amount being to low. Some machines do not allow both grinder settings and grind amount to be modified. Consult your usermanual or phone 1300 650 091. In the right image (2) you can see one solid puk. It is normal if the puk breaks into one or a few pieces once the brewing uint dumps it into the waste bin as long as it is solid & mostly dry. When you set the grinder to these specficicatons you will also notice more crema & a smoother espresso. NOTE: Always consult your user manual before attemtping any guide on our support sections. You can always talk to our coffee team for any questions or operating tips 1300 650 091 or contact us here.
  • No Water Flow - What to check & In Home Remedies
    (domestic equipment & non heat exchange coffee equipment) No water flow in your coffee machine can indicate either a simple easily fixed issue or something major. Caution: Every Make and Model of Coffee Equipment Is different. Always consult your user manual before running diagnostics. The first area to check is the water tank or plumbing lines. Is there water in the tank or is the plumbing lines switched on. Is the internal water tank completely inserted. Switch the machine off for 30 seconds & reboot. If the first process has not fixed the issue or you have an error indicating a “Airlock” or “Ventilate” on screen check the following. Airlocks or Ventilate errors indicate a stoppage of flow due to air within the lines. We recommend requesting water from the water arm instead of making a coffee. Select the “Hot Water” option and open the tap. Open the tap for 3 seconds & then close it for 3 Seconds. You can repeat this for approximately 10 - 15 times where clean water flow or the error is gone. Do not leave the tap or pump running when there is no water flow for more than 3 seconds at a time as this can damage the internal pump. CAUTION: Always Consult your manual on fixing a airlock or ventilate error/ fault before following out the steps above. If you're still have no water flow, this could indicate either a pump fault or internal seals have worn out. Book a Service online here or phone us on 1300 650 091.
  • No Power To The Coffee Machine
    First, there is always the question of Power To The Machine & The Machines Power Switch. Is it switched on & is the power outlet switched on? NEVER ATTEMPT TO REPAIR ELECTRICAL FAULTS ON YOUR OWN! CONSULT EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS - Book A Service Possible Faults: Thermal Fuse Short Safety Thermal Trip Machine Fuse Failure Liquid Damage To Control Boards A few things can cause these faults. Liquid damage is frequently caused by worn seals creating slight leaks & Thermal fuse tripping can be caused by overheating or a dry boiler. All of these require trained & qualified coffee machine technicians to either reset or repair. Never attempt to repair without qualification & experience. Coffee machines operate on high 240 vaults & in some cases high amperage. Always consult QCMS for technical support.
  • Water is Dripping Underneath Coffee Machine
    The first question is, how much? A small amount of water could possibly be a small drip from the waste tray, or if the drip is coming from inside the machine, there could be a damaged seal. What to check? Is The Waste Tray Full Water Tank Securely In Place Waste Tray Secure Steam or Hot Water Tap Open Still No Luck? If the leak seems to be large & you visible notice water tanks reduce quantity fast, we recommend switching the machine off & bringing it in for an assessment. Your coffee machine operates a symphony of water & hot steam, so in the case a significant leak is evident, it is never ok to attempt to work on it without training & qualification. Book A Service or Phone Our Team on 1300 650 091
  • Descaling Your Coffee Equipment
    All coffee equipment at times can build scale. The concept behind descaling your equipment is to remove the scale "build up", when done as per the manufacturers guides. When descaling is not completed the results can vary. In some areas where mains water is not to hard the scale can be minimal however mostly water around queensland is heavy in minerals. Minerals are good, they provide much of the flavor in your coffee however keeping your equipment clean and calcuium free ensures long life and clean brew's. Generally the guide for descaling equipment is adding a preset anount of descaler fluid to your water tank and running the machine through the in-built descale program. However, many machines do not have this program like espresso machines... In this circumstance we reccomend the descale still following the manufacturer however also in store duruing it's general service. To book a service or receive support over the phone - 1300 650 091.


You can now order your favourite coffee beans online. Stop by our store to taste our specialty coffee. We are coffee people. We never settle for "just okay".

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