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EST 1983

Queensland Coffee Machine Sales and Services is a local coffee business designed to provide simplicity in coffee whilst ensuring a sustainable approach & excellent customer support.

Build on an equipment & customer relations background, we entered coffee with the vision of embedding simple yet reliable solutions for each market aspect. Since 1983, QCMS has made it easier for all to enjoy coffee either in the comfort of your own home, office, venue & cafe.

We introduced sustainable, cost effective service programs to Queensland in the early 1990’s. A family built on coffee, we have been a pioneer of the Australian coffee industry starting with introducing the Automatic Coffee Machine for the home many years ago.Adapting to technology & market shifts, we have been one of the first to introduce an online based service management platform allowing our clients & partners to connect to completely digital support communities & on demand phone or electronic support*. Our dedication to a sustainable approach to coffee equipment, consumables & support connects you with the ideal solutions suiting all aspect of the local & greater coffee industry in Australia.

Our High Values & consistent support to our customers is derived by our values & our approach to our customers. We apply the right attitude to all applications & believe a co-working & collaborative working space for coffee, outputs the ideal cost effective & sustainable coffee solutions.In addition to our dedication to service, repair & support our team is highly trained in analyzing each coffee application and providing the ideal mix of customer support & the right coffee equipment.With our sustainable & cost effective approach to equipment & support we help small businesses focus on their growth & success.


By providing solutions that emphasize your business & not a major brand we see our clients bring more consistent products to the consumer & enable long term security in our support. All this combined allows you to grow your business knowing you have the full backing of your coffee team.QCMS partners with small, medium & enterprise organizations to provide support throughout Metro & The Greater Australian Region.


Our Partners choose to work with us because we empower them by providing education, training & access to more clients locally & further out. Integrating our service platforms & forward thinking, connects businesses alike & consumers looking for a “no stress”, solution.Our strong values & sustainable approach connects you with major manufacturers for local repair, warranty & real world customer support

Pullman Coffee Tamper Brisbane
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 brisbane
Valet Coffee Programs In Brisbane by QCM
Mazzer Major Coffee Grinder Brisbane
Black La Nuova Era Cuadra A006 Tradition

Our Equipment Partners*

(reference to partners refers to brands of which is available for purchase at qcms)

Mazzer Coffee Grinders Brisbane.jpg
Mazzer Coffee Grinders Brisbane.jpg
La Nuova Era Espresso Equipment & Suppor
Saeco Coffee Machine Services & Repairs.
Melitta Coffee Machines Brisbane.png
hario coffee equipment brisbane .jpg
delter coffee brewers brisbane.jpg

We can help you with almost any coffee machine, coffee grinder, coffee accessory, alternative brewing devices, cleaning consumables & much more.  Visit us in store or browse online.

Our Service Partners

We also work with many major manufacturers providing real world support. Our dedicated residential customer support & service team provides technical & warranty support for most major brands & equipment.

Delonghi Coffee Machine Services & Repai
Breville Coffee Services & Warranty Repa
La Nuova Era Espresso Equipment & Suppor

+ Many More, Talk To Us Today

QCMS & Our service partners are connected to provide you support locally & warranty assistance. You can book your equipment in for repair & services either online or just by stopping by our service center & store.

We believe in a connected, cooperative working space for all regardless of size. Our service & support thinking connects small businesses with enterprise partners. We love working & collaborating with new Partners, As we say, Every. Cup. Counts.

GM - Operations

Support, Service, Repair Are Integral Elements in Our Business.



Care & Support are at the top of our teams priority. Your enjoyment & requirements are the core elements to ensure your barista story. 

Technical & even phone support are available at all times during business hours, online & in some cases after hours. With our core goal of coffee enjoyment we apply thinking which brings coffee into the next generation. Your equipment has gone through rigorous testing to ensure the life cycle & your coffee enjoyment is simple & smooth. Sometimes a range of coffee tools & accessories are just what you need to build on your coffee dreams. We make that happen.

With our service & support experience we add your needs to any purchase or request. Home, Office & Industry Coffee applications all require education & long term after sales support. Regardless of the application & your designed use we are here to support YOU!

With our online service management & tracking we provide all the elements to ensure you understand each step in the coffee lifestyle. We provide all the tips & support on demand & also the best recipes when you need and we design these for each of your assets or coffee machines. Even Alternative brewing, our team has undergone extensive training in coffee & the reality of coffee. You need a team who removes the white noise & focuses on you.

World Class Servies

Our World Class Coffee Solutions

Australian Industry leaders providing coffee equipment & asset maintenance for over 38 years, QCMS is a comprehensive service & equipment provider.

Preventative maintenance is our core service mission, we eliminate a high degree of downtime & unwanted faults with a complete service platform created in conjunction with manufacturers & 70+ years of combined service experience.


Providing equipment to your home, office, cafe & venue is just the beginning of our relationship, Our integrated range provides total security, ongoing maintenance and support in all aspects.

Our team is extensively trained in designing the optimum coffee environment for all applications. 

 Exceeding your expectation during all engagements is embedded in our companies culture. 

Our specialised fields include Licensed VenuesCafe's, CorporateOfficeResidential & Maintenence across all sectors



Between 2005 & 2019 we provides technical support & repairs to over 37k assets & coffee machines.

Home, Corporate, Cafe & Venue.

Our Support For the Coffee Industry is Universal & Unique. Wee are an Australian founded, owned & operated organization.

Our dedicated team has helped countless coffee business since the early 1980's.

Technology has allowed us to tailor our services & product range to all the ideal equipment needed for every coffee environment. 

Our goal is to provide cost effective great tasting coffee for each application, being either at home, the office, venue & cafe we have designed management programs & in house management procedures that always fit into each manufacturer recommendations, whilst always keeping you & your enjoyment at the top.

Read More About Our History >>

With Over


Years in coffee you can rest assured you're in the best hands

Quality, Support, Enjoyment

Every Cup Counts

At QCMS we embed the core elements of coffee & enjoyment. To achieve this we design our support structures by industry, usage & function. By integrating our service beliefs & equipment range we ensure every cup counts. With each market & application for coffee by design our customer support & service architecture provide the utmost best programs for the entrire lifecycle of your equipment regardless of application. Our servuce & support team operates on a 100% quality control. Our quality control for all aspects of our business ensure you have a coffee platform which integrates our belief of Every, Cup, Counts.

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