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Explore Coffee Equipment, Extras & Packages Ideal for Offices With 10 to 20 + Team Members.


Bean to Cup

For offices with between 10 to 20 users a bean to cup solution is a fast, easy & hygienic platform. By integrating preventative maintenance schedules we ensure long life and guarantee hygiene when procedures are followed. 



A traditional espresso machine is the ultimate espresso coffee experience. Being in touch with the coffee in each process and controlling flavour with each cup, a espresso machine is the equipment for the coffee conniesour team.

With QCMS an Integrated Coffee Solution for your office means a coffee platform where it is our responsibility to ensure your coffee & is equipment running smoothly all the time.  For offices with more than 20 users we recommend talking to our specialist team, large offices are tailored with specialty equipment & packages which provide ongoing data with consumption & wastage. Phone us on 1300 650 091 today.

We Achieve this by providing our unique  Valet Customer Service Platform & all required consumables. Our team firstly understands your office & usage which we then convert to the ideal equipment & service package. 

An ideal solution for medium to large offices is a automatic bean to cup package. This allows for more cost control & hygienic operation However, we can provide equipment for the novice coffee lover to the experienced connoisseur & you  can choose either Traditional Espresso or Automatic, Bean to Cup Coffee Equipment. Fresh coffee is provided amongst your daily cleaning consumables & all required training & workflows. 

Integrated Coffee Solutions 


Few Coffee Service Companies can Boast As Much Experience as QCMS

Bean Scene Magaziene 

Bean-To-Cup Automatic Espresso Machines

For 10 to 20 Users


Aulika is the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. Aulika models deliver a wide range of coffee-based and fresh-milk-based beverages, as well as hot water and steam. 

Aulika provides large waste containers & consumable storage. Coffee taste is tailored with simple yet strong technology. Including an easy to read display, you have up to 8 programmable beverages. Perfect for the office with 1 - 10 staff.  Don't let size fool you, the Aulika can produce high amounts of coffee not just for your team, your customers will love the coffee as-well. 

The software architecture was designed by levels and content, thus making it possible to customise and manage consumption fully. Cleaning and maintenance activities, too, are made easier by the fact that all components requiring regular checks can be removed. 

  • 1 kg coffee beans

  • 4 l water tank

  • Large (40 place)  Coffee Waste Container

  • Large 1 litre excess  drip & water waste tray

  • One-Touch Cappuccino - Coffee & Milk Output

  • 2 Expresso Cups Simultaneously 

  • Hot water / Steam wand

  • Durable Dual pumps & Dual Boilers 

  • Integrated Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore (makes milk silky smooth)

  • Base for accessories and with extra capacity for coffee grounds

  • Key Locks - For consumables & brewer cleaning access


Sego is a fully automatic espresso machine with three canisters. One for coffee beans and two for instant ingredients such as topping (powdered milk) and cocoa. Using these instant ingredients and the coffee beans of your choice, you can serve various drinks like Espresso, Cappuccino, Ristretto, Espresso, Espreschoc, Americano, Latte Macchiato, Moccachino, Hot chocolate, and Hot chocolate deluxe. Naturally, you can offer hot water too.

Sego uses a powdered consumable platform. Coffee Beans are required for fresh espresso coffee. A unique patented brewing system allows fast and simple cleaning of the espresso component. 3 Consumable canisters provide the extra option of further one touch beverages, Hot Chocolate, Freeze Dried Full Cream & Low Fat Milks + more.

Overall, Sego is maintenance-friendly. The Sego holds the patent Bravilor Bonamat ingredient mixing units. The smooth coating prevents clogging within the mixing unit, optimises the flow of instant ingredients and increases the in-cup quality considerably. In addition, the unique hot water system minimises lime build-up.

  • Bean-to-cup: brewed with freshly ground coffee beans

  • Very easy to operate thanks to intuitive touchscreen

  • Menu with up to 30 choices

  • Compact footprint

  • Energy-saving mode

  • Smart counters — warn you when the waste bin is full or descaling is necessary, and show you the daily/cumulative use

  • Programmable settings like the consistency of grind, pre-wetting, contact time, coffee to water ratio, and the cup size

  • Suits perfectly in kitchenettes, small offices and waiting rooms

  • Unique rotational brewer that’s easy to remove and clean

Main Features

Esprecious 11L has two canisters, one for coffee beans and one for instant ingredients. The Esprecious 11L is developed for fresh milk usage and can be directly installed to the FreshMilk unit. The integrated milk frother prepares beverages such as cappuccino and latte with fresh milk. The large canister (over 3 litres) for instant ingredients can be filled with cocoa for other coffee specialities such as hot chocolate.

People increasingly want to enjoy coffee to the full; fresh milk contributes significantly to the ultimate coffee experience.

Note: The Esprecious 11L does not include the fresh milk unit. The unit is availible in QCMS packages & our team can provide information on this. 

  • Ease of use: intuitive touchscreen with on screen cleaning guides

  • Bean-to-cup: preparation using fresh coffee beans

  • Beverages such as cappuccino and latte are prepared using fresh milk

  • Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously

  • Professional grinder and brewer: for the perfect ground and coffee extraction

  • Adjustable settings, such as: temperature, coffee/water ratio, etc.

  • Service-friendly and easy to maintain

  • High in-cup quality thanks to automatic rinsing programme

  • Unique hot water system to reduce scaling, reduces the maintenance requirement

  • Separate hot water tap for e.g. tea

Main Features



Our dedicated office bean to cup coffee equipment showroom is where you can test, taste & learn all about how coffee equipment & a relationship with QCMS can improve your business. 

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So we can tailor your program, choose a few or just one of your ideal solution

Add On's & Integrations

We can pair your coffee equipment with specialised milk fridges when the OEM is not available

Many of our fridges provide the element of security with adjustable temperatures & a brightly lit shelves.  

Compatible With Most Fresh Milk Platforms 

FreshMilk is the ‘fresh milk solution’ from Bravilor Bonamat. The advanced cooling system keeps the milk at a constant 4 degrees. The milk frother inside the Esprecious creates a milk foam as light as air. The whipping process of fresh cold milk, steam and air creates milk foam of superb quality. A major advantage of the FreshMilk is that it is controlled by the Esprecious touchscreen.

Compatible With: Bravilor Esprecious Models Only


Traditional Espresso Machines

Our Espresso Machine Range is quite large, choosing a machine & grinder can be a little stressful. The fastest way to enjoy great coffee at work is to give our team a call and talk to us about your business and its operations. We tailor solutions to your business & provide maintenance lookouts and long term cost effective solutions.

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We can't wait to hear from you.


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Life With Espresso Coffee

In The Office


Traditional Espresso Machines are where it all started. The Equipment although uses fresh & new technology is built on a stable &. proven platform. We know your equipment will last & we know it will make great coffee, that's why we provide all the education, simple procedures & maintenance so you can make that great coffee anytime without leaving the office. 

Regardless of the coffee platform, our goal is to simplify your understanding, Allowing you to remove the stress element.

Training,  Support & Procedure

A QCMS Espresso Equipment Package & Platform is the ultimate office coffee kit. We take care of all your training & provide the cleaning procedures to match your machine. Your team will Finnish training off with barista training & the certificate to go with it.

Our Support team is always available* to answer any of your questions and get you back up and making coffee in no time.


We provide barista training, education & procedures complementary with your new equipment.


With the power of the traditional Espresso Machine and a good Coffee Grinder at your fingertips you truly have full control over taste. 

Our training focusses on understanding a few main categories. Safety, Taste, Hygiene.

With taste, we educate you and your team on the elements of coffee and where the flavours originate from. Allowing you to explore your coffee & love your "personal coffee house* @ the office".

Talk to us today about how a relationship with QCMS can improve your business

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5/84 NEWMARKET ROAD, WINDSOR  /  Tel. 1300 650 091

So we can tailor your program, choose a few or just one of your ideal solution


We stock a wide range of  parts & supplies for commercial espresso equipment & commercial coffee grinders. From Grinding blades to entire boilers our after sales support team works hard to ensure your parts are available when you need them. 

Talk to us today about becoming a QCMS service partner or phone 1300 650 091 to place an order.


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