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The Cuadra Single Group, is not the average espresso machine. Built on the base of a commercial espresso machine this coffee machine is a semi-commercial espresso machine designed on a smaller scale ideal for home & the office.

La Nuova Era Cuadra, Traditional Espress
La Nuova Era Cuadra, The Best Home Espre

The Best Espresso Machine

Total Control over your coffee with the Leva Style E61 Espresso Group. Silk Smooth Milk with strong pitching (steam)  pressure while making coffee & always on demand. The Integrated Hot Water Spout is filtered for the tea drinker.


One of the only 1 group espresso machines with the complete integration of the E61 Espresso Group. Pre-Infusion integrated with a temperature controlled heat exchange boiler functions as a dual boiler allowing you to make coffee & pitch silky smooth milk at the same time. The Cuadra is Built with Solid Materials &  ADesign that doesn't move when you insert the coffee handle. Slim & Stylish that fits in your kitchen but doesn't take up all the space.  A must witness espresso machine to feel the quality & design in person.

Combining beautiful retro design with the latest Italian made components you have all the strength your local cafe does but in the comfort of your own home.

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Specifications & Options

Hand Assembled by the specialists at La Nuova Era in Italy. Using only the highest quality components & industry leading technology.

E61 Espresso Group

Iconic E61 espresso group head.

Cuadra is the only home espresso machine which utilizes the full power of the E61. Including the Passive Pre-Infusion & Thermosyphon. The E61 provides thermal stability which ensures a consistent extraction & temperature.

Large HX Boiler

One of the largest (HX) Heat Exchange Copper Boilers found on any home espresso machine in the market. Wrapped in a Energy Saving Jacket the boiler can improve efficiency by 25%* saving you money on power but always ready to make coffee. Steam pressure & Hot water for Tea is always on demand.

Designer Body

Colorize or simplify your kitchen with the range of colors available on the Cuadra. You can change the color panels on your own in under 5 minutes. All Panels are toughened & and panels are heat dissipating ensuring the body is never too hot to the touch. 

Available In: Matt Black, Fast Red, Bright Yellow, Mirror Chrome & Ice White.

Smart Home Kit

The Cuadra can be ordered with an optional Smart Home Adaption Plug. With the internal design of the electronics we have enabled the ability of direct power control via the smart home preparation kit. The kit works with all smart home platforms like; Apple's Home Kit, Android & Google Alexa. You receive a setup guide & a EVE Smart Home (Plug) for your Cuadra.

Full Pressure Pitching

Utilizing the total capacity of the HX semi-commercial copper boiler, the Cuadra has the ideal pressure & power for milk pitching.  The 360 degree movement wand is easy to adjust & the quarter turn taps make pitching more precise. You also have the ability to extract coffee & pitch at the same time thanks to the design of the Cuadra's Boiler.

Stainless Steel Body

Underneath the designer panels, every Cuadra is built with strong, sturdy & rust free Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel Chassis provides the strong backing for your E61 complete chrome group head & copper HX Boiler. The base of all trays are also Stainless Steel allowing easy cleaning & gorgeous shine.

2 Year Warranty

When you purchase your Cuadra for home, QCMS provides a total coverage 2 year warranty. Our dedicated technical team is on hand to support you and is factory trained & certified by La Nuova Era Australia. Your Espresso Machine is in the best hands around. All you need to do is service it once each year (First FREE at QCMS) .

Free Service

Your first service is on the house! Our dedicated & approved technical support team will service your Cuadra Espresso Machine at no extra charge. The first service includes a total run down of the output, Required Seals & Shower replacments, Piston Assessment & Calibration, Steam Pressure assessment & calibration & More!

Barista Training

When you purchase a Cuadra, Our highly experienced & factory trained team will give you a one on one run down of everything required for keeping a healthy espresso machine. Plus guidance on making awesome & cafe quality coffee right in the comfort of your own home. This course takes around 1 to 1.5 hours in store.


Be Creative

Five Factory colors available.

We're also partnered with designers & teams who can make your design & dream come to life! Come have lights embedded & some completely custom designed panels & body.

Factory Colors


Matt Black


Gloss Red


Matt Yellow

Also available from factory, Pure White & Mirror Chrome

The Side Panels on your Cuadra are designed to be heat dissipating & easily swapped. Changed kitchen? Match your espresso machine with your architectural design.

You can customise your Cuadra to match you. From colors to wraps the design on the heat dissipating panels makes using unique designs possible with.

Stainless Steel Chassis, Copper Boiler, E61 Espresso Group

3 cups




1 cup



Espresso Group Head

Stainless Steel

Rust Free Waste Tray


Leva  Control

Watch The Cuadra Making Coffee

Why Choose Cuadra?

Among the classic exterior design is the industry preferred HX platform running your cuadra. With a Heat Exchange Boiler (HX) which is "in essence a boiler within a boiler" you have the power of multitasking. Unlike many other coffee machines available, extracting espresso coffee & pitching your silky smooth milk is always available. You also have the Filtered hot water spout for teas & long blacks which delivers tempratured controled boiling water.

La Nuova Era Cuadra A006 Traditional Esp

Filtered Boiling Water

Standard on all Cuadra's is the much loved hot water spout. Positioned opposite to the steam wand the spout is ideally  designed to fit your long black glass. Also used for teas, the filter on the spout ensures clean & pure hot water eliminating any particles in your tap water. Easily removed when cold & cleaned there is no need to replace the filter.


Easy Interchangeable Panels

Side Panels on the Cuadra have not only been designed to bring the element of retro into your coffee kit but also to disipate heat. Manufactured form specific molds & materials the thickness of the espresso machines panels moves heat to ensure no side panels are ever

Sturdy & Strong

Never again will you need to brace your coffee machine to insert the Portafilter. With the Stainless Steel Chassis & Heat Exchange, This espresso machine is strong & it shows it!

Black La Nuova Era Cuadra A006 Tradition


“We upgraded from a breville & the experience is completely different. We're now snobs about coffee & nothing beats our coffee at home.” 

—  Katie, Owner Since 2014

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Reserve yours online & get a FREE barista training course & FREE on demand semi-commercial coffee grinder with a combined value over $480

You can reserve your spec & try it out in store. Our reservation process is no obligation to buy, we ensure your spec is on hand & you are first in the line. The Cuadra is one popular espresso machine. You wont be charged until your happy to proceed. We will show you the ropes regardless how much espresso experience you have.

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