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Committed To The Safety Of Our Consumers

If you have scanned a QCMS Seal & reached this page,your seal is verified

Verifying Official QCMS Products, Packages or Services

In today's highly volatile web-based environments, we are dedicated to our consumers' safety & security. The purpose of our verification programs is to capture the wrongdoing before it targets consumers.

Unfortunately, some parties are claiming to be;

  • Employed by QCMS

  • Trained by QCMS

  • Retailing Replicas & Products unique to QCMS.

  • Claiming affiliation where none exists

To ensure you receive the products or services directly from QCMS & not a fraudulent external party. ​We are introducing steps to combat fraud & ensure the security of our partners, team & consumers.

The purpose of our verification programs is to capture the wrongdoing before it targets consumers.

Why Have We taken these precautions?
It is unfortunate in the web environment that there are devious parties of which; Claim they provide a Service/ Product from QCMS but in actuality are committing a fraudulent act.

QCMS has taken an uncompromising stand to these acts & with every case is taking the necessary legal actions to ensure the safety & security of our customers, partners & team.

We have introduced a series of security programs & checks for products or services purchased online, in-store, or teleconference. QCMS has also taken steps to provide security for the consumers using our mobile coffee machine technicians.

Spotting The Difference

QCMS technical teams & partners operate a unique mixture of technology & experience to provide you with the service. Our technicians use our unique service & support platforms. Work requests can only originate from a service coordinator or head office.

Service support can only be scheduled in three ways.

  1. Phone a Phone Number Listed on our Website

  2. Booking Via Our Website

  3. In-Store Bookings

In sporadic cases, a customer can phone a technician where a relationship is existing. The only way to get a technician's direct line is via our service coordinator has provided a direct mobile number to a technician.  

If you believe you have been provided with a service or product unique to QCMS by a non-recognized or fraudulent provider, Never Pay Them.

Our phone numbers are:

General Inquiries - 1300 650 091

Store Inquiries -​ 07 3369 3933

Technical Inquiries - 1300 673 783

Links to online booking:

Domestic Booking Form

Commercial Booking Form

The Official QCMS website URL's are;

Official Customer & Partner Portal

Brisbane Coffee Machines & Espresso Equi
QCMS Coffee Machine Technician Repairing
Small Business Operators

Service partnership programs with QCMS are designed to power small businesses owners & ensure our industry's technical support meets our high standard.


Training, Parts, Tools & More. Our partner programs connect you with a service network with combined coffee experience of over 100 years. Technical support for the technical provider is critical in a seamless service network.


At any-given time QCMS has access to over 1 million parts & products. Our local & more comprehensive inventory is layered & located in central locations which in term improve availability.

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