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The Aussie

Coffee Machine

Buyers Guide

The Aussie Before You Buy Coffee Machine Guide

Purchasing a coffee machine can be daunting. We break down all the information you need to know before you choose. Here at QCMS, were coffee people & there is always the perfect piece of equipment for every application.

How to choose the best coffee machine at home

So you've made the decision to get your own coffee machine at home.

With the coffee industry being so large, there are so many choices, and narrowing it down can be daunting. If you are looking to start making coffee at home, this guide is for you! 

When it comes to the espresso machine, there are 3 main categories of equipment and a lot of sub-categories. We're going to go through the most important pieces to help you make a decisive decision.


Start Here, With The Two Big Questions;

A: How Much Do You Love Coffee?     B: Your Budget?

We will break down the types of equipment available & the differences between them. If you need a hand navigating the differences, feel free to talk to our team. We love coffee & specialize in tailoring equipment kits for your lifestyle.

If you love coffee & want to learn all about it, the best route is the traditional espresso machine. There are many types of traditional espresso machines available & which fit perfectly into almost all budgets. For the one on the run, an automatic route is ideal. Taking your lifestyle into account is just as important as your budget.

The Traditional Espresso Machine

(just like in a cafe)

The ultimate coffee machine for either the entry-level learner or the experienced barista. The Traditional Espresso machine is available in either semi-automatic or manual. For the entry-level leaner, a semi-automatic choice can be a great starting point however, coffee can be addictive so with some practice you might find yourself wanting  more control. 


The Manual  option is  where you  as the barista  have total control over the flow of coffee generally using a leva-style espresso group.

Traditional Espresso Machines will also give the barista clean & consistent steam for silky smooth milk pitching and most espresso machines will have a hot water arm for tea or long blacks.

Selecting the traditional option is perfect if you love coffee & are happy to spend some time practicing & bettering your skill, We generally consider the high range espresso machine options an investment you will keep for many years to come.

Cuadrona Espresso Machine With Rotary Pu
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