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The Espresso Porta Filter or Group Handle fits all standard espresso machines using the E61 Espresso Group. The portafilter basket is 21 Grams for maximum taste & ideal extraction. You can also purchase a 21 Gram basket with this portafilter. This bundle includes everything needed & comes assembled ready to go. Choose from 3 Handle Colors, all at the same price. You can switch out the handle colour later on or have a colourful range to match your espresso machine.


Choose from a Single or Double Spout (Double as always is recommended).


Please ensure your espresso machine is compatabile & with the E61 Espresso group.

Customise Your E61 Porta Filter Handle Colors

  • E61 Espresso Group Heads with the tab's at the 3 & 9 o'clock positions.
 Many Models & Makes use the E61 Espresso Group. Always check the Tab/ Wing thickness/width is compatible. Wing position & wing thickness must match or the handle will not fit. This Product has 6.85-6.9mm Thick Tabs/ Wings. For other types, contact our team & we can assist. 
Never Force A Incorrect Handle into your espresso group as this can damage the guides.
    Your user manual will provide information if needed or our team will be able to assist. Some of the Espresso Machines that are compatible are;

    • La Nuova Era Cuadra
    • La Nuova Era Cuadrona
    • La Nuova Era Altea
    • La Nuova Era Aurora
    • ECM Models
    • Profitech Models
    • Rocket Giotto
    • Some Quick Mill Models
    • Some Bezzera Models
    • Some Isomac Models
    • Some Expobar Models
    • Some Sabb Models
    • Some Orchestrale Models

    This list is provided as a guide only!
    Always check in your equipment's specifications. QCMS does not take responsibility for incorrect choices & cannot refund these orders as they are built to order. You can request a handle switch to match your espresso machine if available, Extra Shipping & re-stocking fees may apply.

  • Tabs/ Wings: 6.85mm - 6.9mm

    Depth: 21 Grams

    Handle: Screw On


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