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This Coffee Brewing Kit includes the Popular Hario Mizudashi Pot Brewer, The Nemox Cafe Lux Coffee Grinder & The Ideal Size Dosing Cup.


Hario Mizudashi -

The Hario Brew Pot is a great way to make smooth, crisp & tasty coffee brew which is easy to make & can keep you going all day. The Mizudashi is an elegant and effective way to produce high quality cold brewed coffee at home. What's great about cold brew is the simplicity of use & the ability to bring out rich, crisp & smooth coffee. Brewing coffee using the Mizudashi makes a crisp cup which contains less than half the acids of traditional hot brewing methods. It's Easy, Tasty & Healthy. Choose From Chocolate or Red 600ml or 1 Litre Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot.


Nemox Cafe Lux Coffee Grinder -

The Cafe Lux is a great on demand coffee grinder which is perfect for the brewing scene due to the unique coffee shute. The Cafe Lux by nemox is one of the most known coffee grinder models designed for the home. This coffee grinder will grind on demand (meaning it grinds directly into your dosing cup) With a high power motor that is torqued to only run at minimal potential meaning the coffee grinders motor will run for many years to come & to ensure the grinding speed does not heat the coffee. The grinding mechanism is conical, hardened, tempered steel to guarantee a long working life and excellent performance over time. Unlike flat grinders, the conical grinder allow coffee to be ground to exactly the right particle size. The Nemox is also used in espresso coffee, if you are an espresso coffee drinker it will pair perfectly with your traditional espresso machine.


Rhino Dosing Cup

The dosing cup made from food grade stainless steel & is the ideal size to use with your new Nemox Lux grinder.

COLD BREW KIT A With Hario Mizudashi & Nemox Cafe Lux On Demand Coffee Grinder

Mizudashi Color
  • The powerful motor is equipped with a reduction system allowing the speed to be cut from 10,200 to 800 RPM. A low milling speed is very important since it ensures the coffee is not overheated, leading to a burnt flavour. The LUX is designed to maintain the coffee’s quality and aroma intact.

    The Nemox Comes With a 2 Year Replacement Warranty Only At QCMS