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Purchase this kit & you will also receive a bag of Coffee Beans on the house.

Choose from The Hario Drip Scale or Upgrade to the Brewista Smart Scale II

The much-loved V60 pour-over system is not only one of the most popular, but it is also effortless to use. You can make crisp & smooth pour-over coffee at home and on the go with the hand grinder included. No power is needed to make great coffee with this kit. The scale is battery operated so that you can take it with you. This truly is a "Just Add Water Coffee Kit".

Ceramic or Glass Hario V60

Pour the best out of every bean, The sleek & simple dripper kit provides excellent coffee on the go, smooth & crisp coffee right into your cup or the included server. Designed for manual, pour-over brewing, you can choose your ideal brewing time and temperature.


Choice 1 - Hario Drip Scale

A Highly Accurate Coffee Scale is essential for brewers & espresso coffee. The Hario Drip Scale is designed for the home brewer. A Sturdy platform for the V60 to sit on is the ideal size for your brew & pour. The Hario Drip Scale is Incredibly accurate to 0.1 grams.


Choice 2 - Brewista Scale

Designed for espresso & brewing use, the Smart Scale II has all the features you need to weigh & assess your brew. Fantastic Accuracy & a nano coat to defend against water spills.


Hario Skerton Grinder

The Hario Skerton hand grinder uses Ceramic conical burrs for consistent grinding, considered the best configuration for hand-grinding coffee. Ceramic burrs hold less static charge, they stay cooler during grinding, cannot rust and they clean more thoroughly than steel burrs.

Pour Over Kit B With The Hario V60, Hario Scales & Coffee Grinder

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