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Cafetto's Grinder Clean is designed to break down coffee oils, residue & excess mess left over in your coffee grinder's blades.

Using the grinder clean frequently not only ensures clean coffee but it can in some cases lengthen the age of your grinder blades. Grinder blades require a clean & dry enviroment to operate at their very best. The grinder clean beads remove oils in the chamber of your grinder & from the blades to provide the ideal coffee enviroment for all coffee types.



Cafetto Grinder Clean

SKU: 3950707 / 9345941298187
  • Burr Coffee Grinders & Conical Coffee Grinders

  • Before you begin, Ensure the environment you're working in is clean. Remove all coffee beans from the hopper but remember to never place your hands inside the chamber. 


    1. Once The Coffee Hopper Is Empty, Place "ONE" Capful of the Cafetto Grinder Clean Beads into the Bean Hopper. 

    2. Switch Your Grinder On & Run Until All Beads have ground through the grinder. 

    3. Depending on your grinder type, For on demand grinders, clean the shoot with a soft coffee brush. For Doser grinders, empty the dosing chamber and clean excess with a soft brush. 

    4. Place a small capful of fresh coffee beans in the hopper & run your grinder until the grounds are ground. 

    Step 4 is important for Burr Coffee Grinders as seasoning your grinder prior to coffee preparation is important. If you still see small amounts of the grinder clean (which may look like a fine white dust) run more coffee through the coffee grinder until it is visibly coffee only. 

    We also recommend dialling in your grinder after the cleaning process is complete.

    If you have questions or queries, you can phone our team for over the phone support on 1300 650 091.

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