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The La Nuova Era Cuadra is a strong espresso machine designed on a commercial base but for the home kitchen. The Cuadra is a well known traditional espresso machine amongst coffee aficionados. Designed with stainless steel body & heat dissipating side panels you can completely change the look of your machine when you like by switching the panels out.


You Can Read All About the Cuadra Here >>

To make great coffee at home there are a few core things you require in the espresso machine. Firstly, a strong & consistent boiler, The Cuadra has a 1.8 Litre Copper Heat Exchange boiler made by dedicated Italian coffee lovers & assembled alongside the entire machine by hand in Italy. Secondly, is a good espresso group head. The Cuadra comprises of whats unarguably the most used espresso group in commercial cafe's & competition coffee, The E61 Espresso Group Head. The E61 is implemented in the Cuadra to capture the full potential of the groups possibilities, Not all espresso machines integrate the full potential of the E61 & this is a core element in pure coffee.


In this barista package, you will also receive a Nemox Coffee Grinder which again, is very popular & also all the tools baristas use. Everything You Need To Make Barista Made Coffee At Home


In The Package:

Nemox Cafe Lux On Demand Grinder

58mm Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

Single Cup E61 Group Handle

Double Cup E61 18 gram Group Handle

Milk Pitchers (Your Choice of Color)

Set of Cups (Your Choice of Type)

Brewista Espresso Coffee Scale

Free Delivery To Metro Areas

Free In Store Barista Training

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Complementary Coffee Bean Samplers


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Home Barista Kit A - La Nuova Era Cuadra Espresso Machine Package

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